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Residential Home Inspections

Our home inspectors will make sure your investment in a home doesn't come with any unexpected or hidden problems. We will inspect your home to uncover any existing problems or potential safety hazards to you and your family. Our inspection includes but not limited to:

• Foundation Cracks/Damage
• Roof Leaks
• Electrical System Hazards
• Structural Problems.
• Building Code Violations

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Phase Inspections

Our comprehensive Phase Inspections service is designed to accompany the construction process every step of the way, ensuring each critical phase meets our rigorous standards. This service includes:
  • Foundation Pre-Pour Inspection: Before the concrete is poured, we meticulously inspect the site to ensure that the foundation setup is flawless, preventing future structural issues.
  • Pre-Drywall Inspection (Framing Inspection): At this stage, we examine the framing alongside the rough installations of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. This thorough inspection ensures that all internal systems are correctly installed before the walls go up.
  • Final Inspection: When construction is completed, we perform a detailed inspection of the finished home. This final review ensures that the build quality meets our exacting standards and that your new home is ready for occupancy.
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Warranty Inspections

Our Warranty Inspection service is essential for new homeowners. Conducted around the 11th month after moving in, this inspection aims to identify any deficiencies or issues that need to be addressed before the builder's warranty expires. It's a critical step in ensuring any necessary repairs are made under warranty, saving you time and expense.
  • Comprehensive Review
  • 11-Month Timing
  • Deficiency Identification
  • Documentation Support
  • Peace of Mind
  • Cost Savings
  • Safety Checks
  • Expert Guidance
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Pool Inspections

Our Pool Inspection service is designed to ensure the safety and integrity of your pool. We conduct a detailed assessment of the pool's structure, equipment, and safety features. This includes checking for leaks, ensuring pumps and filters are operating efficiently, and verifying that safety regulations are met. Whether you're buying a home with a pool or ensuring your current pool is in top condition, our inspection provides peace of mind that your pool is safe and ready for enjoyment.
  • Pool structure integrity check
  • Filter and pump system evaluation
  • Safety features assessment
  • Leakage and drainage examination
  • Deck and surrounding area inspection
  • Equipment and accessory check
  • Lighting and electrical safety review

Flexible Scheduling. Friendly Service.
Thorough Inspections.

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